Facebook employees are starting to realize they're working for an evil organization that's actively harming humanity.

@yogthos I worked with him at FB. Glad he saw the light too.

@saramg @yogthos where did you go post-Facebook? Um, asking for a friend

@michel_slm @yogthos Took a year off, then did some short term contract stuff, most recently I've been at MongoDB for about three years.

If your "friend" considers themselves knowledgable about security, I'd tell your "friend" that my team happens to have an opening we're working on filling right now.

@saramg @yogthos this? Ooh available remotely too. The first 'friend' I have in mind might not be suitable but I might know someone who does

@michel_slm @yogthos Yep. That looks right. If your friend is interested, have them shoot their CV to me: sara.golemon at and I'll put 'em in the pipeline.

@michel_slm @yogthos It doesn't say so on the description, but FTR we use C++17 so all the best language features are available. None of that C++03 junk.

@yogthos They only Facebook employeer opinion I want to hear is the one who follows the example of Snowden, the same for Google.
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