Es scheint, als ob die USA nichts als blutige Kapitalisten hervorzubringen in der Lage sind: "Sprecht sanft, aber habt immer einen dicken Prügel hinter Eurem Rücken." Es müssen wohl die Gene sein ... :'(

@yogthos yeah i figured this out at the time, it's extremely convenient for tesla :(

@yogthos @Lofenyy Yeah, I finally found a direct reference to the tweet, and it was deleted. But then he posted this, just to rub it in the world's face:

> Great song

> [link to Lithium by Nirvana]


@clacke @yogthos Wow. I've heard he was awful, I didn't know he was evil...

@Lofenyy Seems likely every time he tweets Tesla's share price drops. He's grooming himself to be the next Trump if only on Twitter. @yogthos

@yogthos the more I learn about Elon, the more I dislike him

@yogthos He did tweet that, but he was probably boasting for nothing. Let's not feed the delusions of grandeur of a rich asshole.

@yogthos Tesla doesn't even produce an important share of electric cars there is. That company is a pyramid scheme at this point.

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