The Satanic Temple just announced a Satanic Ritual Abortion, placing the medical procedure under the protections of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act! 👏 announcement.thesatanictemple.

Olha só @ladystardust

Eu confesso q confundo satanic temple com church of satan. Então as coisas q falei podem ser das duas

@yogthos Gotta say, I admire their creativity and tenacity! They've gone to bat before for atheists and other 'Freedom From Religion' folk on the 'nativity scene on public property' debacles across the country. Same with the Pastafarians of His Noodly Appendage.
Good trouble brewin'

By the name of it, it sounds like it'd allow for abortion to be carried out by non-doctors in unsanitary conditions.

After reading into the details, it turns out it's nowhere near that bad. Just a legal hack to shortcut some moralizing procedures the govt imposes prior to abortion.

Also, I think it's rather fragile. It shouldn't be hard for government to come up with a compelling state interest that'll make this fail the Sherbert test.

@yogthos TST really is a brilliant organisation, I don't agree with everything that they do but a vast majority of it is fantastic

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