cApItALiSm iS tHe MoSt EfFicIeNt eCoNomIc sYstEm

@yogthos @sotoarmengol It's money efficient, but not energy and environment efficient.

@yogthos @aguasmenores

Explotation, working class heroes, violence, fascism, racism, woman is the nigger of the world.... 😵😵😵.

in the world ✊🏿💪🔴!


@aguasmenores @yogthos @sotoarmengol

Seeing from relative advantage perspective and macro level, it is possible in combination to other things, this be the most efficient solution. picking one case and making judgement based on it, is mostly misleading

@yogthos Image description:

Top: a plastic cup of prepackaged fruit, labeled "pears grown in Argentina" and "packed in Thailand"

Bottom: a world map with the route from Argentina to Thailand to the eastern United States drawn upon it

@yogthos What you're looking at is the fault of Corporatism, not Capitalism.
@yogthos Not necessarily; there are ways to keep the fire in the fireplace without letting it burn the house down. But such methods are, shall we say, NOT the "American Way" so to speak.

@yogthos it really depends which metric you are looking.

For people making mountains of money, it is.


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