@yogthos as someone from California I'd take another hundred blm protests over Karen's entitled white trash gender hootinany in the park.

@nimbius the gender is clearly Becky anyways and the poor child never had a chance otherwise

@yogthos this is such a reductive thing to say. Corona has killed less people than traffic accidents.
@yogthos its stupid because you cant even know their gender until they hit puberty and then they tell you! and it can even change after that!


@yogthos some assclown on FB was claiming it was started by a "re-reveal" and tried blaming it on trans people. Fuck that shit. I called that out about .00003 seconds after confirming it wasn't one of the other 10,000 fires going on rn (because while I'm pro-LGBT+ I also wanna make sure I have my ducks in a row so my ignorance doesn't come back to bite me in the butt)

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