@yogthos Yeah like "goodbye facebook".

What do these guys think? They really think they are doing a public service or something?

Fuck them.

The only thing they know is to sell people's lives and spread propaganda. We are better without them.

@ekaitz_zarraga @yogthos

They are not going anywhere. This is just a message to everyone making money on FB "hey, pressure on EC to back off or you may lose your favourite marketing platform".

@kravietz @yogthos Thanks for the explanation, I was unable to deduce that myself.


@ekaitz_zarraga @yogthos

We had the same bullshit dramas from FB and Google with the Digital Copyright Directive, which they misleadingly then called "ACTA2". The directive has passed, you don't see either of them going anywhere obviously...

@kravietz @yogthos It's obvious they are trying to pressure, but what I wanted to transmit is the way they decided to do it should be absurd for the general public.

There's also another component there: I'm sure many people is wiling to accept any fb's conditions because they consider fb and twitter as some kind of public service or something. They are still thinking they are the customers rather than the product.

@kravietz @yogthos At the end, our obligation is to remember all the pain facebook provoked, for instance in my country, with tons of nazi bots attacking the minister of health during the still ongoing COVID crisis.

They are just a bad thing, they don't provide anything good.

Also, it's obvious they don't want to leave Europe. Their business is based on having users. Europe has more population than US. It's ridiculous.
The media should mention all that instead of talking about what FB wants.

@ekaitz_zarraga @yogthos

That's precisely the problem, and media won't step against FB for a very simple reason: significant part of their income comes from social media. Today's media have been largely shaped by FB, with the pressure on clickbaiting, sharing, user engagement, AMP etc. Today's FB warning is directed largely to the EU media I'm afraid...

@kravietz @yogthos now we are talking!

Most of the media, including the most progressive one is based on using facebook's tracking and getting money from it so...

It's just disgusting.

@ekaitz_zarraga @yogthos

As it comes to media, I don't like it either but there must be some reason why it went this way. They surely have to pay their bills and I don't know anyone who actually buys a physical newspaper.

Everything has moved to the Internet but the truth is that 99% of users don't give a fsck about any service today that isn't free, and if you even ask them to pay 1 EUR per month, they will immediately move to one that is free.

Well, obviously this kind of "free"... :)

@kravietz I agree with the analysis with what happened but that doesn't mean I have to like the way they solved their issues.

They became a parasite of those large companies that are bad for the world, while they pretend they are criticizing them. It's just disgusting.

They can do better.

@ekaitz_zarraga @yogthos

I'm pretty sure however it's a business game on *both* sides, so at the end of the day they will get some kind of compromise.

Not that I'm pleased with it as I deleted my FB account 2 years ago (after 10 years of being there) but this is how it works.

@kravietz @yogthos Yeah...

Let me say it in a different way:

"this is what we have to change"


@ekaitz_zarraga @yogthos

Well, we already do by being here on Mastodon!

On the other hand, 99% people still don't give a fsck about non-free services and if one day all Mastodon instances were shut doen due to their maintainers going bankrupt, everyone would happily move back to Twitter because it's "free" :)


Narrator: "Unfortunately, they did back down a few months later".

Almost certainly will result in some compromise so the regulator can say they are standing up to FB and pass it off as a victory. The notion that FB will pull out of Europe is, unfortunately, a fantasy.

@yogthos i do not believe this is actually going to happen, but BLEASE
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