@yogthos tout ça pour la modique somme de 9 999 €, comme aurait pu dire Pierre belmar.

@yogthos @zwangseinweisung

I wondered if you risk getting in trouble for that, but it its tolerated (albeit not encouraged). would take some skill, but the ring looks worth >50€ so a gain on the 0,50€ coin 😆


>7. Mutilation of notes and coins for artistic purposes

Member States should not encourage mutilation of euro banknotes or coins for artistic purposes but should tolerate it. Such mutilated banknotes or coins should be considered as unfit for circulation.

@vfrmedia @yogthos it doesnt matter what currency is used. If i Had the skills to do this, i would take money from countries which does not exist anymore. For example, i bought a couple of old coins on a fleamarket for my daughters puppet supermarket (there ist no english word for it. In German Kaufladen)

@yogthos wait what? It's hard for me to tell whether they just massively abridged the sequence of shaving down and shaping the glass, or whether they just used something else after showing the bottle being smashed and a piece being worked with.
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