Microsoft will adopt Google Chrome's controversial Manifest V3 (ad-friendly tweaks) in Edge. This kind of thing is precisely why we need to have more than a single browser engine implementation, and why Firefox is more important than ever.

@gemlog @yogthos Yeah but Lynx... isn't really in the same space?

It's specialized. It doesn't really work for most things.

I know. The sad part of that joke is there is nothing else.

@yogthos what about brave ? Do you think it's a valid "alternative" ? (At least for normies)

@slartibartfast @yogthos yes it is, I found the answer about manifest v3 here :
"The recent Chromium’s Manifest v3 controversy [...] did not affect Brave as requests are processed natively, deep within the browser’s network stack."

@yogthos @slartibartfast @oursse also qtwebengine (part of qt) currently switched to chromium from webkit, one more corpse in that field.

@oursse @yogthos I’ve recently switched from Firefox to Brave and I’m really impressed with it. It’s ad blocker is good and it’s even got a ‘Tor Tab’ for private browsing. I know Brave uses the same engine as Chrome so I really hope this does not impact Brave’s ad blocking ability. I suppose the Brave devs wouldn’t implement Manifest V3 if it did?


A pity that the latest Firefox is totally rubbish. I started using with Mozilla (after Netscape i started beta testing Mozilla for OS/2) and always been faithful. But the latest change was so bad i switched to Edge.

So i want to be faithful, but not at all costs.

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