your books "expiring" is just another example of innovation under capitalism

@yogthos isn't that roughly equivalent to, say, going to a private library that charges a fee for borrowing a book? or a video rental shop?
@yogthos accessing stuff you can't own isn't a new thing really, but since there's no physical item, it seems wrong somehow...
@yogthos yes, but so long as you're running a business, you must have a business model. if your business model is rental... well...
@yogthos I really hate when full price things are provided as an access to a 'service' for example real games compared to onlinestore drm shite or even godawful worse stadia and console store games

They have no right even being half price
@Meeper @yogthos

You can pay for a premium subscription fee to unlock single-player mode in Fallout 76. I laughed so hard at that.
@moth @yogthos bethesda has buried itself into a joke, anygame post skyrim has no worth being played tbf
@moth @yogthos I really want something like openoblivion (i think there are a few dead/dormant projects)
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