@yogthos Maybe it's time for some "Financial profiling", a little "Stop and show you offshore assets" and perhaps some "3 years dodging tax and you pay for decent infrastructure"... :blobcatpolicepeek:

And if you try to be funny with "quoting your rights according to some weird worldwide money scheme sheit" :blobcatpolice:​ We just try again with your inheritors... :k_whoa:

@yogthos There's no such thing as an ethical billionaire. They're all disgusting.

@yogthos Stopped using #Amazon many years ago. Also reduced buying at #AliExpress and try to find small online shops or local stores.
It's like personal hygiene. Only you can do it!

@yogthos Pain here, for that matter: I see an increasing amount of small local businesses adopting Amazon marketplace these days, both to gain reach in lockdown time and to reduce risks and costs for legal compliance when running a web shop on their own. 😶

@yogthos Yes. Exactly. 😶 And there seems little motivation to fix that. A real mess.

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