@yogthos Nobody should be surprised at this point. They've taken the kid gloves off and have started openly pushing their weight around in very non open source / standard friendly ways. Will that make the sheeple stop using Chrome? Doubtful.

@yogthos Just note that this article is more than 1 year old

@yogthos No one should be surprised at this point.But I'm disappointed by the W3C.It was important to make the web better many years ago.Now it's only a useless lobbyist organization of GAFAM to make non-free and anti-privacy "standards" that every browser has to support 🙄

@yogthos If someone was born yesterday this would actually surprise him/her.
Google should return it's best slogan: Don't be evil.
Maybe that will also fool some people in Google's intentions.

@yogthos Only if people over at Gemini did something besides making generic blogs about foss, technology and minimalism 😒

@person @yogthos gemini and gopher and anything like that won't take over the world. they just won't. the normie space is bigger than we think it is

@metalune They don't have to. To have decent content you don't have to get it adopted by entire world. Some frontends for popular web services, more variety in personal sites and there you go, it's ready to replace the web for the minimalist crowd.

@metalune Gopher did the frontend part. Gemini tried to the same, it didn't succeed but hey it's something. Both however truly failed when it came to content variety because the crowd it appeals to is that tiny and like minded.

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