@yogthos isn't brown sugar just cane sugar with molasses?

@yogthos In the US 'Natural' means literally nothing and Organic, by FDA standards, means little more. Oregon Tilthe and others have standards that mean something.


Still more preferable than the Communist bland and drab, monthly 1Kg sack labeled "Sugar" 🤣

@yogthos they explain here why they had to add the label to comply with FSSAI regulations

@yogthos If I were judge, jury, and executioner, this company would be condemned to sell their products in a plain unmarked white box with no text other than a detailed ingredients list for 20 years.

@yogthos Then "Brown" must be the family name of company's founder and not indicative of the sugar's actual color! :thonking:

@yogthos Nah, that's straight up fraud.
This is why consumer protection laws exist.
@Poem435 @yogthos They explain that natural sugar isn't a thing, as you don't find sugar crystals in nature, but assure us that this product is about as natural as it gets while still being sugar crystals.


I guess that means no additives, no bleaching, no artificial coloring.
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