@yogthos I added packages.microsoft.com with IP to my pihole. ;)

@softmetz @yogthos
My Pis are running Fedora Minimal and I'm quite happy with that.

@qoheniac @yogthos I used #pidora quite a while ago but it lacked fast security fixes and fedora OTOH is mooving to fast for me as an server OS. I also tried Arch (which was even faster mooving but felt cooler), CentOS and now I am completely migrated to debian which is boring enough for my current lifestyle ;)

@qoheniac @yogthos And somehow my brain is ooverwhelmed by "o"ses this morning.

@softmetz @yogthos I thought of switching to CentOS two, now that I'm in my 30s. But then CentOS Stream came and now I'm waiting for Rocky.

@qoheniac @yogthos Perhaps we should rename enterprise distributions towards "middle agers linux" ;)

@yogthos I'm feeling lucky to be running Fedora on my Pis!

@yogthos Was considering getting the keyboard (and later also the 400). Not happening anymore.

Everyone's talking privacy, but this means any time binary packages that MS maintains can be installed inadvertently. If they are bold enough to do this, they could be bold enough to fiddle with package priorities.

Luckily, good alternatives abound. It's been a while since I ran a BSD or vanilla Debian 💡

@yogthos They could easily have used VSCodium but this is true to form for them. Remember that they’re basically Broadcom. From my time on the Code Club board (which I resigned from in protest and which they ingested), I also know that they have no issues with surveillance capitalism, Google, etc.

@yogthos wouldn't it be easier to just remove the repo? Rather than blocking the domain? Or is there evidence that it will replace itself like some u2 album?

@yogthos Hey Dmitri ! In addition, is it possible to comment (#) the "vscode.list" in "/etc/apt/sources.list.d" directory ?

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