True democracy is only possible when the means of production are publicly owned. Only then can resources and labour be directed in a way that benefits majority of the people.

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@yogthos I agree but it’s IMO very crucial to understand which means are structurally most relevant: the means of production of political consensus.

Aka “the media”

That’s where it needs to start. Everything else seems kinda secondary to me...

@yogthos you cannot have true political democracy long endure without economic democratization.

@yogthos paradoxically this will be made possible from new monetary tech that will give incentive to any company to sell with products also micro shares of the company, all because of competition laws, plus that new hopefully soon available tech

@yogthos that model should be replicated and standardized, no reason for not making shares a "own business directly" if they aren't already, cause this is surely what the shareholder/customer wants

@yogthos the first part is kinda going in that direction even if on a weird - imho - way

@yogthos no political democratization can long endure without economic democratization too...

@yogthos in oligarchy American-style capital is directed to finding new ways to cheat people and innovating new ways to extract rents.

@yogthos but socialism when no iPhone? :polandball_us:
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