Unfortunately, it's not that simple. Homeless people quite often are homeless not because they don't have home or can't get home, but because some mental issues.
So, it's not enough just to give everybody their own home...

That's sometimes homeless people have homes, or have opportunity to get homes. I've seen such people. I see them everyday.

@Azt3c @ThisIsLeeloo @yogthos Wtf. As if people choose homelessnes. And to those with mental illness problems, those should be helped, and one step in helping people is getting them homes. I dont think living on the streets makes thier conditions any better.

@yogthos @Azt3c What an embarrassing comment of yours... Of somebody who obviously has no idea about the system they're living in. How much shit has got to be in one's brain to arrive at such a conclusion... Fuck off!!

Is it typical for marxist-leninist to be so rude without any reason?

This is important addition.
By the way, some of your followers indeed need mental healthcare ASAP: they are rude and aggressive and I don't understand why.

@Azt3c Whether you can keep your fucking disgusting mouth I asked!

@drq @yogthos Why? What is so bad about it? High-density housing is super nice, it makes for much more livable cities. And, even if it was "bad", I think you also rather live in one instead of sleeping in the street.

@fasse It's overcrowding. It causes various infrastructure collapses.

We in Russia actually have a lot of housing like this, and a lot of data on sustainability of those.

I, myself, lived in a high-density 17-story neighbourhood. It was always dirty, the neighbours were always suspicious and unfriendly, (because the density is so out of relation with the Dunbar number, it's hopeless to even try to know your neighbourhood in faces, to the best strategy is to never trust anyone), it was dangerous to the point I've seen a dead person in the street, in a pool of blood - possibly murder (again, nobody really knows each other - so why bother behaving nicely, same with littering and all antisocial behaviour: nobody will bother catching you if you pee in the lift or rob someone) the roads were always clogged up, the public transport was always overloaded, which sucks for the disabled who can't get a seat. And I'm not alone, every district like this tells the same story.


@fasse Besides, those buildings are right oppressive. They block the sky and the sun. You look out window and all you see is concrete and other windows. Humans are not wired to live like this, we need our elbow room, we need our skydome, we need our sunshine. We need our community as well, for sure, now more than ever, but there's a difference between a community and a crowd of indiscriminate faces.

Anything beats freezing in the streets, that's for certain, but mental health is also a huge factor in the social and overall environment and those behemoth hives that are almost specifically designed to squeeze the soul out of a person are not helping at all.

I've a better idea: what if normal housing, with nice large apartments, and not more than 3-5 floors, but a lot of it? Like, a lot a lot. At last we'll make use of those fucking giant golf courses nobody ever needs.


@yogthos @drq Yes, that is the main point. either you can help people or not.

And with better social policies many of the negative aspects that can araise in high density buildings can be dealt with.

The same happens also in the US in single family home neighourhoods were the buildings become run down and criminality spreads

@fasse With better social policies you won't *need* high-density neighbourhoods.

Single-family home neighborhoods are not a solution either, not for a city at least. For a village - may be.

The real solution is balance. And the problem is that the game is rigged too much in the rich people's favor right now.


@drq @yogthos A lot of those problem comes from other things than the house itself. When you build many smaller buildings there is less green space, or you have to travel very far to get to one. For the same number of people you can have much more nature. Of course you can have bigger apartments, but outside space is much more important. Also if you have a so spread out city infrastucture becomes even a much larger problem, because people have to commute much longer distances

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