@yogthos Are they actually sick, or is the test still producing 96% false positive if .01% (650 of 65,000 for instance), show diagnosable symptoms. Thats why CDC is now requiring those for a Covid-19 report. Guess what? California's cases recorded dropped NINETY % from that point on. Imho, locally and globally, governments are seeking to milk funds from nonprofits and global bodies. Frinstance each time my city opens it's barely used c19 center, the state and feds reimburse them.

@yogthos But as I pointed our, in reality all the OG Sars-Cov-2 case count should be cut by 90% .... more or less. At first when at risk and elderly already on their way out first contracted it the % to cut may have been lower. Did I mention 'comorbidities'? 95% of deaths 'Covid-19' was just one factor... but hey! Report it as c19 and some govt agency gets funded. I'm alluding to a literally global SCAM based on an overhyped SARs variant.

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