new study finds that wifi may be harmful to human health. Several effects have each been established following Wi-Fi & other EMF exposures including apoptosis, oxidat. stress & testis/sperm dysfunct; Neuropsych; DNA impact; hormone change; Ca2+ rise.

Wi-Fi is thought to act via voltage-gated calcium channel activation. One claim of no Wi-Fi effects was found to be deeply flawed.

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@yogthos not excited for the fallout from this via my already super anti-wifi partner's brother+that brother's partner >_>

@yogthos @amsomniac yet it is generally very difficult to demonstrate a cause -> effect link for this type of phenomena which are relatively brand new in human history, and the fact you can't demonstrate something doesn't mean it does not exist at all. Applying a precautionary principle would cost billions to device manufactures.
Also, electromagnetism and related radiations are real: ever been caught in an electric blackout for a few hours and noticed the difference without background noise ?

@mvo @yogthos I mean, yeah, epidemiology is hard and spurious correlations are everywhere. I've operated at much higher powers that half a watt or whatever wifi does, as some of the replies point out cellphones are a higher risk.

I highly doubt "microwave hearing" is real and the electric blackout background noise I attribute to class D amplifiers. The paper is sensationalist and the methodology is suspect, but hey, maybe someday it'll turn out I'm wrong

@yogthos "The senior author of this study suggested that this effect alone may lead to human extinction"

@yogthos the articles i read before said WiFi had no effect on health. It's new to me. But this one is a review of other studies, right? I clicked in one them, which it cites as concluding WiFi harms human sperm. It turns out that study uses only mice and concludes there is no effect. It casts doubts on the whole paper. I'll look at it again later

@yogthos Many years ago, my mother always say WiFi may be harmful to health, but she stopped saying that after she got a smart phone.

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