Turns out that Russia and China didn’t ‘weaponize’ QAnon. A new report about QAnon makes a bombshell claim that data scientists say doesn't hold up. U.S. really needs to start doing some introspection instead of constantly looking for others to blame for their problems.

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@yogthos QAnon was most likely created by that 8ch guy, but then commandeered by the CIA or State Department and run as a government disinformation campaign. It has a lot of the signs of COINTELPRO or Operation Mockingbird.

@Moon @yogthos oh I’m not agreeing with Vice at all. I think it was a US gov spook operation to keep pushing Q stuff (even if they likely didn’t start Q). Vice makes it sound like it’s all domestic white suprematist, and they also get a shit ton of stuff wrong in the article. They say it started on 4chan (it was 8ch) and they don’t distinguish between posts by “Q” and posts by everyone else talking about Q. The Vice article is bullshit disinfo in an of itself. I’m not sure if it’s intentional or just lazy.

Vice use to be good, a long time ago. Now it’s worse than Democracy Now.

@djsumdog @Moon @yogthos the original Q was on 4chan then shortly after that moved to 8chan
even original Q was a stand-in for FBI anon John though to distract from him exposing info about the vegas shooting

@meowski @Moon @yogthos ah makes sense, the Vegas shooting which is never brought up ever on its anniversary or in relation to anything gun control since it was likely a failed assassination attempt that ended in a blood bath

@yogthos From my perspective, it feel so funny that the Satan is such a big thing in the US. 🤪

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