Remember how you were told you communists would abolish personal property, that's what capitalists are doing to you.

@yogthos Great artical!

Not sure how well the notion that people generally don't value digital media as highly as physical media (doesn't apply to me!) fits the larger point, but still worth bookmarking!

Article is good, commantory however..

I wasn't just told that communists would abolish personal property, I remember when it happened.

The USA(which this article talks about) is still a long way from being even as half as property thieving as some historical or even modern communist regimes

@yogthos They'll both do it if the power balance moves too far away from the customer/citizen

I'd also like to add that cars are becoming too expensive to own, now people are leasing more. Real estate is too expensive, people are renting more. Millennials are going more for experiences rather than tangible items.

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