“Communism is terrible, just ask the Russians!”

The Russians:

@yogthos a czech friend of mine and I talked about this a bit. Czechs and Russians were first class citizens and benefited a lot under the USSR. Ukraine and other satellites didn't do as well and do not support state communism as broadly.

It is true that a lot of Russians (as opposed to other groups) were better off under the USSR, and many oppose capitalism. This does directly contradict capitalist propaganda, but also there's some nuance lost in that statement.

@yogthos (I'm painting with broad strokes in my statement as well, so there's also nuance lost in it.)

@yogthos yeah I'm Russian and a communist, my mum is a communist, my dad is a communist, my grandma is a communist, my brothers are communist too... when I got out of uni and couldn't find a job my mum was shocked like "aren't they just supposed to give you a job after uni???"

@yogthos I don't think the soviet union was particularly better system. There are many people who will say their system was state capitalism because the workers did not control the means of production. There was still a worker-employer relationship in the USSR, but the employers were the state and not private companies.

@yogthos interestingly - and this is lost on most people in the west.. “community - communism” “capitalism - “pyramid of inequality” . simple as that. the rest, is all smoke mirrors and dog farts to obscure the entire thing into whatever we have over here in the US today.

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