@yogthos My parents is like the left when 27 (although without a car, just normal wage), in the 1990s China. Now I have excessive income to live, but can't actually buy things on the left, not only because not enough, but also lack of motivation: becoming a "middle class" seems to be meaningless, as there will be endless struggle for money.
Note that according to the ABC's report, my income is well above most Australian locals. abc.net.au/news/2019-05-21/inc

@yogthos I don't want to start a family life, for either staying at Australia or getting back to China. At both country, it takes too much struggle. I guess that's the same situation for most people. That explains why the birth rate keeps going down everywhere globally.

@yogthos In China, since the reform and opening up, right-wing intellectuals gains the high ground and keeps saying words like "social mobility" for decades. Now everyone is exhausted due to keep moving.

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