Germany is about to pass a law that allows german intelligence agencies to use trojan software on its citizens without any reasons for suspicion.

@yogthos German politics has been increasingly depressing and I have no idea how to cope with it anymore

@yogthos I am very curious to learn if the update paths cooperation mentioned is going to be in any way enforced in the final version.

@yogthos you'd think Germans would be acutely aware of the impact of a surveillance state.

@yogthos What about US citizens who have accounts with German email providers?

There was a time where I thought that Europe was (a bit) sane compared to the US.

Then I saw this: (and possibly a similar one earlier) where 'The Greens' were the only ones to vote against blanked mass surveillance.

While I already lost confidence in politics and therefor planned to NOT vote, I ended up voting for (the .nl part of) 'The Greens' ... as an act of rebellion.

But it's a sad and depressing state of affairs :-/

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