Google moving away from the open APK format to a proprietary Android app format locked to Google Play.

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@MadestMadness @hbenjamin @be @yogthos exactly: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

@samuraikid @yogthos

Yeah looks like I need to try harder to get the pine phone stable enough to use.

Also we probably need more of the world to support installable ofline capable web apps instead of proprietary store apps.

@samuraikid @yogthos

Interesting. I had previously been using gplaycli to download things into a local f-droid repository, but it broke at some point.

Though wouldn't this project also struggle if google switches to a proprietary container format? (I am assuming propreitary will mean DRMed in some way)

@alienghic @yogthos we will need w8 to see whats their play trick this time, if that's the case ill buy 1 of those 2 phones i posted and use ubuntu os or postmarket os are welcome

@yogthos Personally I found most things I wanted on F-Droid.

@samuraikid Apparently FairPhone 2 with UT randomly reboots, I don't know what the heck is up with that. Maybe it's fixed by now, I do not know.

@samuraikid FairPhone 3 port appears to be a work in progress.

@person lineageOS is stable ubuntu os is stable postmarket os is being developed all compatible with fairphone

@person @samuraikid Get a VollaPhone and maybe put UbuntuTouch on it.
I think they are working on porting more OSs to the VollaPhone

@comcloudway @person didn't know about it ! Thanks let's see what sneaky g00gl€ does still got that 3310 nokia kept 🛡️

@yogthos This is an extremely elaborate workaround for a minor problem.

@yogthos @yuki I don't quite agree. I think they are primarily trying to solve a (very minor) technical problem (with a very complicated solution). But they don't care about anyone else's interests, so they are solving the technical problem in a way that ignores others' interests and incidentally creates more monopolistic power for them.

@cedric In most devices pmOS is unusable. Mote often than not it just boots and does nothing else.

@person using it since September 2020 and quite happy. I use mainly matrix and of course the calls. The only issue was a bug with gnome authenticator. I had to hack it locally, but now it works.

@person PinePhone, the PostmarketOS edition. But I had to reinstall it recently for a major update.

@yogthos haven't read much yet, but are you sure that's locked down? To me it seems as open as any ZIP-based bundle format

@xerz @yogthos

what the article looks like is it may actually be as open as apk but it has a SaaS component to get the rest of an app, and this may make it more difficult to host apps in the 'modern' format outside of google's huge serverfarms

it doesn't seem totally clear yet whether something like f-droid could create a libre implementation of the aab 'additional modules store' that's maybe just a bit slower than google's but still a step above apk

and, yeah,
there's the whole thing of "if you use the google play store google can snoop in your app and then re-sign it".

thinking of youtube and google search, I can fully imagine google planting extra ads or tracking into apps for no good reason

@Valenoern no good reason? money! and an extended profile about you.

@Valenoern @yogthos anyway, thanks for the insight — it really seems like it’s fully open, just perhaps less trivial to use? I’ll take a look when I can, but so far I’ve seen Google has some related repos on their Github so it’s a start

@yogthos To keep Huawei from using it perhaps? Huawei phones, even after GPlay cut them off, still had some backdoor access

Ps. I believe it was you a while back who posted a link to an article explaining how the commercial real estate industry and financial industry can scam vacant properties to increase lease rates by leaving storefronts and other property vacant. Was that you and can you supply the link? I'm not finding it in my browser history. I BELIEVE it was a WSJ article

@_Pelican3301 @yogthos huawei its the only brand that doesnt have put nsa backdoors on their processors thats why google blocked them remember kids GAFAM will never care about your privacy

@yogthos The CEO of Huawei claimed, before the dustup, that their 5g platform was 'hardened against intrusion' and by extension US versions are vulnerable to government backdoors. I always figured that was at least one of the reasons huawei was attacked, because of either that hardening, or the insinuation US Vs are subject to domestic spying.

@yogthos this was a long time in the making, they want to limit the initial download size for all apps across the board to 150 mb. I imagine they will still allow APKs that are under 150 mb. if you’re worried about the binary format, DEX and OAT executable formats have been “proprietary” for almost 10 years.

@yogthos @vfrmedia it looks like APK will still work, at least for now. I fully expect Google to kill them in some future Android version, for "security" reasons

We believe the phrase being sought right now is #APAB.

All. Phones. Are. Bad.

They are consumer devices, not computers. In #Australia there's is no #openHardware solutions and #Fairphone don't even ship here.

In our view, the time is fast approaching to stop using mobile devices for anything of substance, altogether.

It's easier than you think.


@piggo @vfrmedia

> They are consumer devices, not computers. In #Australia there's is no #openHardware solutions and #Fairphone don't even ship here.

You can't get Pinephones and Librem5 devices in Australia?

@yogthos @piggo @vfrmedia

Thanks for asking, this is something to investigate.

We have asked for Fairphone from time to time, and retail outlets either don't know what it is, or volunteer their advice that they'll likely never stock something that isn't designed to break in a year.

@yogthos @piggo @vfrmedia

I didn't check recently, but I doubt that Fairphone ships to Canada either.
@yogthos @piggo @vfrmedia

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