former Spotify exec said the quiet part out loud at a music conference last week

@yogthos That's a fascinating usage of the word "distribution". I wonder what distinction the guy is drawing, such that piracy is not distribution and spotify is? (And I'm afraid the answer is "I do not get paid by piracy".)

@Vierkantor @yogthos which is what I was about to say; the problem with piracy is the artist not getting paid, right? Wrong, apparently. It’s so that music labels can get paid.

The fact that artists make money from concerts and not Spotify, makes me think they should just give their albums away anyway, maybe then a $5 download with no DRM. People can pay if they want, or pirate. Then you have fans to buy concert tickets.

@yogthos "piracy" is music distribution. spotify just turned it into a biz.

@mousebot @yogthos and in a business, the problem is giving people money.

I don't know whether that was a dishonest or a delusional comment he made there, but it sure is odd.

@yogthos I'd like to see artists get paid, but where does the (considerable) money that Spotify (and other services) pays go to? I'm pretty sure it's the music industry. If artists aren't getting paid, I think they should look there first.

@murph @yogthos Megacorps are a deal with the devil. Maybe sometimes a small number of people come out ahead, but most people end up in big trouble.

@sj_zero @yogthos The "music industry" has been ripping off artists since before Spotify was even a thought. (Hell, before the internet was a thought)

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