@yogthos OMFG 💥DELTA!💥

And the mortality rate? Like a bad flu, but the factcheckers come back with "could be would be" BULLSHIT to allegedly disprove it. Read this so-called "factcheck". It's ABSOLUTE CRAP AND DISINFORMATIONAL. These are the shit-for-brains facebook uses to harass people. healthfeedback.org/claimreview

@yogthos Well hell! Just remove their lungs to prevent 'damage' like they did my tonsils and adenoids b/c it was in vogue at the time. Kidding ofc, but I suspect living in a city with filthy air does just as much damage. Ban cars. They're a pandemic that does long term health AND sociological/psychological damage... not kidding.

@yogthos I remember seeing a finnish study over a decade ago claimin air INSIDE a vehicle is 10x worse than outside. The shitstorm it created caused the study group to compromise at 5x. Nasty air destroys immune systems and makes people vulnerable. Rural areas of California don't have a Covid prob and told the state and feds to fuck off with their lockdown bs. You CANNOT OUTWIT VIRUSES. They simply mutate. But YOU CAN resolve the causative environments theguardian.com/environment/20

@yogthos My gripe? I don't like "pushers", which is what the pharmacos are, always assisted by media and governments that would have us ignore causatives. Because their rich pig bffs make A HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY creating and promoting those Causitives, then peddling snake oil cures for the 'snakes' they bred.

@yogthos My take is the reason the rest of the non capitalist world goes along is to avoid being vilified, institutionally slandered, HAVE THEIR SANITATION SUPPLIES SANCTIONED, and EVENTUALLY cause more problems, INCLUDING THE POTENTIAL FOR MILITARY ATTACKS, than just 'going along to get along'. It also gives them a chance to brag about their 'technological prowess. Have I ever mentioned how totally corrupt global 'health' orgs like WHO are?

@yogthos The owners weren't impacted. Aamof they were/are getting richer despite the pandemic/because of it. One payday loan co's owner's net worth increased by thousands of percents as one example. It's the US MIDDLE CLASS; mostly the lower end, and in other global regions perhaps the working class too, that are getting screwed. The US working class was already screwed, now it's the middle class's turn. Based on fear of getting sick most industrial people are indoctrinated with.

@yogthos In the US the UN's WHO is considered the Arbiter. Did I mention the UN is OWNED by western industrial nations and was INTENDED to represent NATO (western industrial) nations? (that tidbit actually appeared in so many words in a 1950s vintage UN pamphlet. I have a pic of it buried in my images somewhere.)

@yogthos Nah. It's because they don't want to piss off their major industrial supply source. For good reason. Not because they 💖 china. Albeit they mostly despise the US. I conjecture that at the end IT'S industrial age, China will be equally hated. 'Goes with the territory' of being an economic superpower. You make enemies no matter what, who kick you when you're down.

@yogthos Afa biz and WHO as a corrupt satrap of business, it said, once it got done vilifying cigarettes, that it was going to go after a REAL CURSE on humanity, leaving human wreckage everywhere it is, including innocent victims killed, destroyed relationships... Alcohol.

But you know? The global industry that profits from alcohol apparently has A LOT of clout, because it was NEVER heard about again.

@yogthos The warning labels no longer mention nicotine as carcinogen, just as addictor. What they DON'T say is the carcinogen is in the Tar. Know why? Industrial society's existence depends on what's essentially 'tar generation'.

@yogthos The US IS the nuclear armed and trigger-happy thug on the global 'block'. So it behooves all other countries to 'pay good attention' ans appease as necessary. It might not ATTACK china or russia directly. But there are always 'chechens and uighurs' (for example) who'll be glad to bomb their theaters and destabilize regions for them... With NATO's assistance.

@yogthos I mean I don't mean to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but as the infamous US gangster Dutch Schultz once said, when asked about a crime he had some 'degrees of separation' from, he replied: "It must be one of THOSE Co-inky-dinks..."

We're talking about nations (NATO nations) who literally slaughter people by the 10s of 1000s for a 'lifestyle' w/ 'our oil under their sand', for example. We KIDNAP PRESIDENTS. We also ASSASSINATE them. Answer: Haiti, Burundi, Tanzania.

@yogthos Yeah, maybe...

#Totalitarian #France "So apparently the French government plans to require everyone to show a QR code when entering buildings which can hold more than 50 people.

...those QR code readers are going to query a database, and..." mastodon.social/@cjd/106574288

@yogthos What annoys me about medical laws in the US is California can create a db of vaxxed people but the same federal medical privacy laws that apparently allow that disallow the media, or me from checking a school/shopping mall shooter's medical history, psychotropic medication usage, or even discover if they're under psychiatric care. The laws are "different" when they might affect pharma company's profits, reputation, or existence. Because the laws are written by their bffs

@yogthos Alcohol absolutely has an effect, including short-term medical issues (faceplanting), employees who can't go to work b/c of hangovers, in the hospital due to a car wreck, in jail for being drunk in public... or in prison due to killing someone with their car driving drunk, or beating up their spouse etc. Alcoholics are by definition Psychopaths, and they simply don't care what damage they do. There's millions of them in the US alone. That's NOT generally true of smokers.

@yogthos @_Pelican3301 yeah, the west is *already* drowning all its opponents in all possible hate-propaganda and every available sanction it can wield without crippling its own economy, the idea that the *entire* non-capitalist world, with all its different leaders (who do not form a cabal controlled by the Kremlin or Beijing, unlike the west where all the leaders ultimately take their marching orders from the Davos crowd et al), would, despite already suffering endlessly escalating economic warfare by the west and having no good will toward it whatsoever *and* no leadership links, despite all the other ways they fight against the west (and in the case of Russia being *on the brink of war* with the west -- a war which the combined west, to be absolutely clear, has a Panzer's chance in Siberia of winning; even if they went nuclear all they would achieve is MAD, and Putin has publicly made it clear that MAD will not deter Russia from defending its interests), the idea that they would all uniformly decide to suddenly follow along with one particular thread of western propaganda (instead of, say, embarassing western leaders by outing them for having lied, which e.g. Russia is clearly happy and able to do, see the recent Black Sea incident and how they made a monkey of Whitehall), that is simply not plausible. China and Russia both have English-language propaganda vehicles they frequently use to name and shame western leaders; lying about a pandemic is exactly the sort of thing both powers would squeeze for all it was worth to try to set off domestic unrest and further weaken the government.

remember, the US was still trying to pretend the pandemic didn't exist while China, where it all started, was shutting down its economy and wielding every measure at its disposal to contain this thing. also, the one leader i'm aware of who has claimed that covid is bullshit is Jair Bolsonaro, who is a vicious, evil ultra-capitalist thug who is almost certainly on the payroll of western bigwigs. i'm not aware of any socialist country that has similarly tried to ignore covid, and in fact some very poor countries have taken very painful measures to try and protect themselves that would be unthinkable if they did not genuinely believe there was a real threat.
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