You know the situation is dire when a KPMG director openly says that we must abandon growth based economic in order for our civilization to continue. We don't have time to experiment, and we must use proven methods of combating capitalism before our time runs out.

@yogthos I wonder if the MIT systems researchers got anything to say about that!

Makes sense in context. The World Economic Forum is the club of woke billionaires that meet in Davros, Switzerland each year. Basically Leninists (by US standards), in the sense that they're willing to give up some power to save their own lives, although they're actively debating how much power they actually need to surrender. Going full eco-fasc and converting the global economy into a zero-sum game is on brand. I don't disapprove of "saving the world" generally, or zero growth in particular, even when it is purely self serving, but...

Nice quote from an analysis of the source of that ^^^:

"Models aren't fate. We can actively choose to jump off the doomsday track. But we have to do it soon."

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