@yogthos I hate the modern web, I'd love to see someone do something like Hugo or Gopher built around BBCode as the markup language.
@yogthos Refresh my memory, isn't it limited to just text? That's why I like BBCode, it allows you a few niceties, images, links, embedded YouTube, but is still very light as it was meant to allow Bulletin Boards to offer modern features (well, modern when it was created in around the 90s) while keeping things light and protecting against hacking.
@yogthos Hugo has more features, but I haven't sat down and looked at it to see why I would want to go with that over a modern website.
@yogthos Nods, "That's what's great about BBCode, it was designed to let you do a lot on a bulletin board, while protecting against bloat. Heck, a demonstration of how good it is is that not only are bulletin boards still using it, #friendca , #pleroma and some websites still use it now, twenty-five+ years after it's creation, largely unchanged.
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