Firefox may have lost up to 12% of its users in 2021. We're once again in danger of a single browser dominating the web as in the days of IE. What's worse is that Chrome is owned by a glorified advertisement company.

The Internet is just too important for Google to become the de facto gatekeeper.

And the fact that Chrome is open source really doesn't matter here. Google has tight control over the project. Maintaining a fork would require a herculean effort.

@_Pelican3301 @yogthos Yes, though I think it tracks more closely with upstream Gecko.

@yogthos I feel much harder to use firefox in the recent years, more and more websites are not tested against firefox

@yogthos I've never moved. Keeping the firefox flame alive since many years ago 💪 .

I seriously cannot believe how people can use google browser when the closing of last tab closes the window and no amount of hacks around that properly work. Besides all the other weird quirks it has. Oh well, humans as usual...

@yogthos And? What is Mozilla actually trying to do? It's lost it's golden age by trying to maintain brand identities and keep up their revenue. Even I ain't using Firefox, only a fork called LibreWolf.
@yogthos as far as I'm concerned, Mozilla and Firefox have already lost. They had a chance when they were still trying to modernize their browser with Servo to make it more competitive against Chrome, but after the layoffs last year it's obvious they have no idea what they're doing if they aren't being outright sabotaged internally via Google (who accounts for the majority of their income)

@yogthos Best part is mozilla is a pretty large driving force of this

@Amber @yogthos I think the article puts it pretty well: “However, Mozilla’s situation is concerning because there doesn’t seem to be any core change in its policy toward any of these challenges. Its heavy investment in politics, social movements and other side issues is not paired with the same investment in making the browser better for its users day by day.” As a user, it simply feels like Mozilla is more interested in pushing online services through the browser than making a better browser.

@Steinar @Amber @yogthos And yet they killed Firefox Send, their online service that I actually used.

@yogthos Apparently their telemetry does not tell them how to keep their users, and it's a total surprise that removing features and customization options alienates a sizable chunk of their user base.

(Writing this from Vivaldi.)

@yogthos nitpick: chrome isn't open source, we don't really know what's inside it. chromium, the browser it's based on, is (tho google makes it deliberately hard to get chromium binaries), and there's already at least one fork called ungoogled-chromium, tho i have no idea how well maintained it is

@yogthos @ParadeGrotesque Conversely, in 2021 i switched from Chrome to Firefox. No intention of ever switching back. 😊

@yogthos @ParadeGrotesque huh, strangely I didn’t see this response in my Notifications - only saw it by looking at my toot and seeing your response below! strange. maybe some network error or bug or something /shrug

@yogthos Chrome isn't even open source, just the Chromium part. Chrome adds on proprietary components to it, which undermines any claim of openness.

> Maintaining a [de-Googled] fork [of Chromium] would require a herculean effort.

Even so, there are projects/ventures like this, a de-Googled phone
Maybe that's Herculean in a viable way

'no politics' politics 

In comments in the fosspost thread . . Absurd but painfully familiar politics of ’no politics here', we're just efficient nerds . .

> Nobody runs a browser because it has better politics

> Until they apologize and avoid political issues altogether, I won’t even consider going back.

re: 'no politics' politics 

@mike_hales @yogthos "No politics" being the politics of the privileged, sounds about 'fair' to find it in such a comments section.

Hate it as I may for may software related reasons and some not software related reasons, Mozilla does at least seem to be better at diversity than most FOSS organisations out there, despite hosting bigots at high ranks in the past.

@yogthos Also, Chrome isn't open source. Chromium is *mostly* open source but Chrome has big huge closed source elements of spyware.

then dear Mozilla foundation, stop crippeling firefox, get your WebRTC up to speed and don't try to become a Safari lookalike.

@yogthos I am not super sure about what year it was where I had a discussion with my employer about different browsers. There was Netscape and IE. I told him IE would be gone in some years. I think it was 1996 or so
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