@yogthos I found the most alarming aspect is the climate lag, estimated by some to be 40 years. So basically what we're seeing is *just* the beginning of 1980s outcome...


@niconiconi @yogthos And we've seen in the corona pandemic how great politicians are with a lag of even just two weeks …

@yogthos J'en connais qui sont passés du : Le changement climatique n'existe pas, à : de toutes façons on ne peut rien y faire ! (sans transition, un bon moyen de continuer à ignorer le problème)

@yogthos For a long time I've said that human action on climate change will be, at best, like a school boys action on homework for the 6 weeks holiday.
Take a look on the last night and do something that probably wasn't worth the bother...

@greenpete @yogthos as someone whose school starts in a week and who hasn't even looked at my summer homework yet, big oof 😅

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