@yogthos That's awesome!

I've always wondered what a Soviet OS might've looked like today too, should you have any ideas yourself...

@yogthos For sure! But most desktops tend to look very corporate-y or when 'riced' : very dystopian 😁

@yogthos the future we've been stolen of looks rad af

@yogthos “The core of the system was a modular “memory unit” consisting of a CPU to which three triangular memory expansion modules could be connected. Such configuration was intended to allow different users – each member of a family, for example – to use different programs at the same time, in multitasking.”


What is it about modular systems and occult names?!

Would have been a nightmare to type on that but looks great. Kinda like other consumer computers of the time.

@yogthos what connection is in the first picture from computer to the frame in the background?

If that's not a keyboard for a cyberdeck, I don't know what is...

@yogthos Holy cats.

The last one looks like something I saw in a CP2020 splatbook. One of the Raven Microcyb decks.

@yogthos Wait, flat screens in the 80's ? How were they planning to do that?

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