A single Bitcoin transaction consumes more electricity than the average American household does in two months. digiconomist.net/bitcoin-energ

@yogthos Are they referring to an entire block on the blockchain as a “transaction”?


none of these transactions were counted in your clever calculations:

i made 4799 bitcoin donations (transactions) over the lightning network to people around the world in order to advertise bitcoin and the lightning network. On average 1 transactions did cost me 2,28 satoshis.
from: 15/AUG/2020 20:34
until: 18/Oct/2020 20:33
number of transactions: 4799
total fees (sum of all): 10969 sats (0.00010969 btc)
total donated amount (incl. fees): 490869 sats (0.00490869 btc)

People should be allowed to waste electricity.

@psymin Should people be allowed to dump their rubbish into rivers, too?

@Video surveillance in use  Nope, nor should they be able to dispose of the waste created by the generation of electricity in such a harmful manner.
@☆ Dmitri ☭ I should have noticed the ☭ in your name.  Apologies.

@yogthos how does this ⬆️ make any sense comings from someone with a ☮️ sign as their av??

@yogthos this is why proof of stake is so much better. Proof of work is the wrong method. Then again eating a hamburger is probably pretty close to those numbers too.

@veer66 @yogthos also the polygon network is a layer 2 protocol that’s PoS and can bridge to ETH. Win win if you ask me.

non vegan dad joke 

@Caryyon @yogthos

>Then again eating a hamburger is probably pretty close to those numbers too.

Well, that would be proof of steak 😁

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