US is now using sonic weapons previously deployed in combat zones against protestors domestically

@yogthos "now" 🤔.

First time deployed but not used in US at a protest: 2004

First time used against protestors in US: 2009

@yogthos Isn't that the Squid Game lullaby at the end of the video???

@yogthos When the G7 was held in Pittsburgh, the LRADs shattered the windows of storefronts all over Liberty Avenue.

They blamed the protestors.

(source: mom was watching it happen)


.. because there was a sanctioned path by which these weapons were made available at attractive prices to "safety officers", called the 1033 program, started under Clinton.

@Gemlog @yogthos

on some of the videos the sound is strong enough to jar the lens elements of the camera and cause blurring on the picture (which normally only happens on something like an action cam directly mounted to a vehicle travelling at high speed).

LRAD equipment is increasingly turning up all across the World (and has been deployed in Europe in recent times).

@Gemlog @yogthos

There was an article in "Playboy" back in 1974 about how counter-insurgency techniques, surveillance devices, you name it, deployed by the military in Viet Nam were being used against domestic dissent.

@yogthos this is nothing new, they're use domestic goes back at least as far back as the protests around the GOP convention that nominated Romney.
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