@yogthos Interesting. A kinda related tool is Publii, which is a CMS which uses a SQLite database locally to generate static sites: getpublii.com/

@yogthos@mastodon.social A little but also like... it does sound useful? If only it weren't a Web 2.0 AJAX thing.

@yogthos @alexandra SQLite devs weren't necessarily thinking security when writing code for reading sqlite files.

With browsers we're used to running external code.

If you did the equivalent in C it could be riskier if the SQLite is from a potentially h̵o̵s̵t̵i̵l̵e̵ velociraptor source.

@yogthos @alexandra like one thing i feel is missing, there are not enough FUSE filesystems? We use sshfs, but why not something like that for http(s). All i found was one that could serve a single file. (no idea why)

Like it sounds like it could implement the pre-fetching system the blogpost mentions.

So it'd transparently do it. (superior i guess)

Ideally such a program would have a sensible standard for writing files..(when enabled) there was a file server to follow but lost the link.

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