That time Saturn accidentally showed everyone how much space is wasted with cars.

@yogthos their behaviour is so absurd, 0:33 is killing me

anti-civ intensifies

@yogthos getting THIS close to a point and then missing it entirely. Gotta love marketing people!

Too many people are carpooling, otherwise this is quite accurate 😃

@yogthos this commercial has quietly lived in my brain all these years and I kinda hate it? 😅


There was an excellent Toronto Transit commission ad, maybe back in the '80s, a bit like this. Print ad, two panels, in the first panel people sitting on the street, spread out as if they were in cars ; in the second, the same people as if they were in a streetcar.

I thought I had it saved somewhere.

@yogthos why are people suddenly walking and running on highways? They're begging for cars to move faster.

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