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I soft bricked my phone by disabling Google Search. I wanted to remove their search widget so it wouldn't take up two full rows with the DuckDuckGo search bar.

This is the bleakest future. I don't think my next phone will be an Android.

@Riley oh, I think this will be because they've been rolling increasing amounts of stuff (such as the main launcher) into the Google Search app so they can make "their" Android closed-source without breaching the license of Android itself

@theoutrider Doesn't help that hardware manufacturers refuse to update any of their phones except the most expensive ones, and even then not for long.

Google doesn't have much choice but to take charge if they ever want to not have 90% of Android phones 2-3 versions behind, but they're using it as an excuse to take more control from the user while they take it from the manufacturers.

Dmitri Sotnikov ⚛️ @yogthos

@Riley @theoutrider I find it offensive that I don't have root on my own phone. These are general purpose computers, and they're locked from you.

Google decides what runs on the phone and how it's used, it's absurd.

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@wakingrufus @Riley @theoutrider @Purism yeah I've been keeping an eye on it, does look promising.