@lorabe turns out people will gladly sacrifice both freedom and privacy for a bit of convenience

@yogthos if we all were perfect... but we are humans. Like the mosquitoes, looking for the shiniest light, we are all trapped in some centralized networks.

What can we do?
I suppose, humanize the problem. But it's a hard work that it will be, because the humanity had never face this kind of problem.

.@lorabe @yogthos
I think people fail to completely perceive what such device is, all of its properties. So they don't even _really_ do that weighing between #privacy and convenience.

Ever told anyone that their mobile or web #browser is #spying on them? The reaction generally is surprise followed by denial.

@orbifx @lorabe I agree that awareness is a problem, people often don't realize the implications of using such technology. Meanwhile, companies spent a lot of time branding themselves as trustworthy. Google coining "don't be evil" is a good example.

I suspect that even most people who understand the problem are just resigned to it.

I think we need more open alternatives to these services that work well enough for regular people to use.

@yogthos @orbifx @lorabe
Unfortunately there's often an attitude in open/community projects that prevents normal people (who just want to use technology the way they drive a car) from using it. This patronizing "I'm going to educate you in How to Computer" attitude where adoption is deliberately made into a hurdle that keeps out the people who just want to share pictures of their cat or ask their phone to play a song or whatever.

@frankiesaxx @yogthos @lorabe keep the flame going. This will go into a circle. I can see a day when people are actively seeking to escape and we need to make sure that regulation and convention hasn't killed the open web.

@frankiesaxx @orbifx @lorabe I've always found this sort of thing incredibly frustrating. That kind of attitude is harmful to everybody.

@frankiesaxx @yogthos @lorabe be patient and promote #FOSS in the manner you think it should be promoted.

@frankiesaxx @yogthos @orbifx
The problem with the free software community is the problem of the whole internet.

Sometimes the people use its freedom of speech in the worst possible way, only because they're free. Sometimes we need to be more simply...

@yogthos companies have an incentive to ensure their products are reasonably secure: the massive data collection they’re doing is too valuable to allow competitors or the government to have access

@feld They usually do a decent job securing the products against external attacks. However, after Snowden leaks we know they do a lot of sharing with the government.

Problem is that even if a company doesn't share your data now, they can decide to do so in the future.

@yogthos @feld Given the US's third party doctrine I don't know why anyone would ever willingly share information with a third party there.

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