@yogthos putain c'est pas con :) hâte de le voir mis en pratique à la SNCF... merci du partage.

@yogthos Cool!
(I'm not sure if it's true, but when I was in SFO someone told me that non-train-engineers designed the BART and that's why it's so terribly loud -- they used cylindrical wheels, not conical)

@yogthos as civil engineer I know that... but the video explains it besser than my professor with board drawings and formulas about 30 Years ago ;-)

@yogthos .. an in-depth but accessible explanation from one of physics great minds: youtube.com/watch?v=y7h4OtFDnY

@nev @kurtm @yogthos are fun. The geometry by itself isn't quite enough as something needs to damp the oscillation around the centerline (You can see the oscillation at the end of the video). I've read the wikipedia article on the hunting oscillation and am still really not clear on what damps the oscillation.

@yogthos the ending of this synced perfectly with the breakbeat track i'm listening to

that was hardcore

@oration not new info to you, but a lovely illustration of the principle!

(ht: @yogthos !)

@yogthos BART has flat wheels & tracks, which makes it scrape along & contributes to nobody wanting it to come through their neighborhood.

@yogthos Beautiful description. It is also nice to be able to see the source of the gif/video... so much stuff like this has no information on the source

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