Matrix developers have confirmed that a secure chat app developed by French government will be based on the Riot client.

@yogthos @Liandri
Perso, je me méfierais d'une application développée par un "gouvernement" quel qu'il soit..

@Armagedon @Liandri typically agree, but it sounds like they're sponsoring an existing open source effort. If Matrix benefits from this, that's a good thing. :)

@yogthos "For one, users are not warned by default when someone else is impersonating the people with which they’re communicating."


I know what they're trying to say, but that's a terrible way to say it, and an excellent way to show the writer is just parroting what they heard.

@ricardojmendez I'm assuming it's referring to this issue

Since WhatsApp won't notify you when the key changes on the other end, so technically you wouldn't know if you started talking to a different party.

@yogthos But it's not that it doesn't warn you. It's that the implementation still forwards the last enqueued messages _before_ warning you (which I agree doesn't make sense).

That's why the description doesn't fit - it makes it sound like, by default, anyone can impersonate people on WhatsApp unless their target changed the settings.

@ricardojmendez ah I see, since I've never actually used WhatsApp, I only go by what I see in the news :)

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