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Onion: Researchers Find Decline In Facebook Use Could Be Directly Linked To Desire To Be Happy, Fully Functioning Person

@valerauko you typically only see people start piling parens when they're using a structural editor, since you don't really have to balance them by hand at that point. I'm guessing the author is usuing a regular editor so they're balancing them manually.

"the best way to test something in the facsimile of real world is to put it in the real world and just see what happens. This is all too common, because it is incredibly hard to do anything else."

OOP systems are notoriously difficult to reason about due to being built entirely out of state machines.

@imag1narynumber yup, better things aren't possible, just accept everything the way it is forever.

Nebulet is a microkernel that executes WebAssembly modules in ring 0 and a single address space to increase performance. This allows for optimizations that simply would not be possible on conventional operating systems.