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If you die in the game the devs come to your house and kill you

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Development team negotiates timelines with the project manager.

EXTREME CUTENESS at dim sum today 😁

I set up a bot to publish news in #తెలుగు (Telugu). It publishes news periodically from various news sources. DM me to add a new news source via RSS, Twitter or Tumblr.

Follow the bot at @telugunewsbot

The bot is based on @yogthos 's mastodon-bot script.

The bot posts only when my laptop is on for now. Have to find a server. Couldn't get it to work on Raspberry Pi.

Armory (3D game engine for Blender) version 0.4 is released and now fully free & open source

We discovered that life may be billions of times more common in the multiverse
- universal_sci

@slackz @yogthos

Just stumbled on this thread and read the Permutation City excerpt. Nice recommendation, I'll be reading this.

If you haven't heard of Eubanks "Life Artificial", I think you might like it too. It has a similar theme and level of "hardness" of the sci-fi and I like the writing style. It can be downloaded for free from the author's page:
(I've written a review on Goodreads. I think it is under-marketed.)

Human body is 70% of water so we’re basically cucumbers with anxiety.

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