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It's probably as good a time as any to plug a bunch of radical news sources and publications I know of:

Freedom Press is an anarchist co-operative which has been publishing books and news articles since it was founded in 1886 by Peter Kropotkin and Charlotte Wilson.

Another one that is lesser known outside of Scotland is The Ferret, a workers' co-operative made up of incredibly skilled investigative journalists working to uncover dodgy dealings and speaking truth to power.

Red Pepper is an independent libertarian eco-socialist magazine and news site. It operates as a non-profit and its magazine publishes once a quarter and can be subscribed to on a pay-as-you like basis.

Roar Magazine is an independent publication that sprung up in the wake of the financial crash, in order to provide a platform for left-wing and directly democratic viewpoints.

Looking for anti-capitalist and anti-colonial analysis on the ongoing uprising in Hong Kong? Check out this new project which just launched.

hot take: the response time for anything interactive ought to be less than a third of a second, and it's absurd that we find it acceptable for web pages to take minutes to display

"The goal of designing a system should be simplicity. The simpler the system, the simpler it is to understand, the simpler it is to find issues with it and the simpler it is to implement it." πŸ’―

FOSS game engine Godot is less than $200 away on Patreon from being able to hire their third full time contributor!

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