Goofy math thing of the evening: exactly 100 5-pointed stars make a pretty good 5-pointed star, thanks to the Fibonacci sequence.

Saw this cool fictional writing system in episode 3 of the anime Kaiba.

Interesting 9-pointed star discovered while doodling and thinking about the unicursal hexagram. Hopefully it's not already some sort of demonic sigil.

fanart, spoilers for Mother Of Learning chapter 96 

I've posted a gallery of the images I drew for Inktober 2017 on my site - they're all based on the world of the rikchik aliens I've developed.

This has been hanging in my parents’ home since I was small. It confused me as a child but has gained meaning since.

Wonderful birthday party last night (actual birthday tomorrow). People as old as me will be able to tell which birthday this is.

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