Hi! are there any poly spoonies in the twin cities area on here?

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Hey, please help keeping @Gargron and all the other instances being able to host without implementing by calling your member of the European parliament and convincing them stand against in the upcoming vote for the reform.



It's a catch 22 you get so lonely you are too lonely to not be lonely.

Depression, confession. 

Too depressed to hold a relationship. Moreover, I'm at the point I'm not even trying to "court" I.e confess feelings and/or ask out etc.
Depression took a big toll in the past two and a half years or so emotionally, mentality and physically.
Btw I can only share this here I'm too scared to do so on FB.
I don't know what to do next.

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The beauty of what is happening today is that it is people from all over the world putting their heads together to try and figure out a significant problem on the web. And that is harassment.

Yeah, it's going to be ugly and uncomfortable and annoying and probably even hurtful.

But what we are doing has _never_ been done before. There is no road map to finding solutions to de-centralized social media.

Take a break if you need to, but keep talking. Keep pushing. That's when magic happens.

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Mothers, bereavement, eye contact 

מיינע באָבע און מאמע, לעאָנאָראַ טריוס-אלעכסאַנדראָוו ז"ל, 1939-2008,און אינאַ טריוס ז“ל, 1961-2007


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It looks like we need to add more servers.. again.

Switter's infrastructure costs come out of our own pockets. Please consider a monthly donation to help keep Switter running. Everything helps.


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"Jewish burial rituals are zombie preparedness, but from the zombie perspective." —@chava_kokhleffel

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“What scholars of Europe call the ‘long peace,’ from 1815 to 1914, ended with two world wars. But keep in mind that during this period of long peace an estimated 120 million people were killed in the process of colonial expansion and ensuring the safety of the capitalist market.”

— Eqbal Ahmed, Confronting Empire

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Providers- Due to the unknown future of certain sites that many of us once used, beware of guys pretending to be people they aren’t... It wouldn’t even surprise me if LE starts using handles/names of well-known & respected members of this community to target sex-workers in stings.

Clients- Please be understanding if providers might need more information to verify who you are at this time of uncertainty, & please don’t try to haggle our rates... Some might actually need to raise them.

Be safe.❤️

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So much of the dysfunctions I saw in this World come from that "myth of growth" being so pervasive even in the most thoughtful minds.

When something is working well, gets attention & credit, everyone usually ask themselves how to make it *bigger* and this is when things start to work not so well anymore.. (more inertia, need for communication, more opinions to compose with etc.)

Instead of growth, let's value emulation, inspiration, replication, distribution <3

#Decentralize #SmallIsBeautiful

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Beforehand joining a new Mastodon instance, check out the admin’s toots as far back as you can go

Are they stable?
There are disabled admins who are superb, without imposing their difficulties on their communities

Are they fair?
There are admins who are on top of moderation without going overboard

Are they mature?
There are admins who can take constructive criticism of their instance

Are they prepared?
There are admins who have contingency plans for continued existence of the community

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#palestine #nakba #apartheid #gaza 

IDF opens fire at peaceful march, kills 7 and wounds 500 so far


I'm trying this out using Swedish for extra challenge!


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