What would be a good BIM server ? In order to work a construction project with FreeCAD?

@Divert @yorik I'm curious what features you expect from a bimserver, there is of course BIMserver itself, see github. I think I've read about some FreeCAD integration.

@duncan_lithgow @Divert BIMServer is the most "user-ready" solution out there, but I myself and @ openingdesign we use almost only git. Also, speckle.works could be interesting, but I didn't test much yet

@duncan_lithgow @Divert for me I guess, that's why i love git, being filesystem-based (the files actually exist on each computer) and clean commit/tracing control (who did what and when) are the key features. All the rest, IFC/BIM compatibility, etc... you should be able to manage/build yourself, not depend on a system

@duncan_lithgow @Divert Ideally, we should have better diff tools for BIM files so one could get better clues of what changed from one revision to another (graphically, but also maybe other forms). Then git would just be absolute perfection

@yorik @Divert is just what the name suggests. A command line tool from implemented in by @moult which can find differences between itterations of files. Exports a rapport to JSON. Ask questions here: community.osarch.org/discussio

@yorik @duncan_lithgow
Wow! never thought of using Git and IFC files. That would be amazing!

Too bad I have to work with an architect that in technology is dumber than a brick. I hope I can get him to learn how to do a commit.

@yorik or prioritizing time for a busy life. I'm not very happy using YouTube but it's so popular ...

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