can now do construction documentation, clash detection, and proxy materials and objects. We can do commercial projects completely without any proprietary software. Version controlled with Git. 100% free and open source pipeline to build buildings.

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This. This changes things. A lot.

Go . Go . Quit . Quit .

Are you involved in or ? I'd like to propose the creation of an buildingSMART chapter, to help represent FOSS devs to help increase transparency and ethical behaviour in the built environment.

Big presence of @FreeCAD at @fosdem this year! Me, @sliptonic and guest star @kkremitzki will give a talk on saturday, and will be there the whole weekend. Come have a chat with us!

If you're looking for a fast web browser on android, try this one open-source, builtin ad blocker, avail in fdroid and google store, works amazingly well for me...

Ok this is where it all happens I think: I believe that line should be: 'localesToUse.add("en-US");' in order to always add default US english if any other english is found among the available languages.. @fdroidorg seems good to you?

@FiXato @fdroidorg wow, pretty acute debugging you did! The solution might be just a simple fix away then.. I'll have a look at the fdroid source code, who knows.. ;)

@fdroidorg inside the app, language seems based on location (im in brazil, i get it all in portuguese), not system language (english currently). What would you think of allowing to choose in preferences? ;)

Did I mention how AWESOME it is to create files with ?

The brand new Blender exporter is now available as super experimental code as part of IfcOpenShell, check it out here:

You no longer need to export to to produce files. Do it directly in Blender! There's also an importer ;)

@xuv ooh well spotted. That's fixed now. Thanks!!!!

@BradleySmall @codeberg the main reason is because we want to keep accessible to everybody regardless of the country they live in

@BradleySmall @codeberg git allows you to mirror to as many places as you want. Both github and gitlab now block people from several countries, so we are spreading over and looking for alternatives...

Looks great, have a nice ride! (And there seems to be a route de la bière to follow on afterwards)

Compatibility with dwg is a whole other story.. But yes, at the end it's all a big puzzle, every piece helps

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