#BlenderBIM has won an Epic MegaGrant funding increased development on fundamental aspects that will change the industry and offer new options for architects, engineers, cost planners, programme schedulers, sustainability analysts, and more...

I had a motog v1 with lineageos before this one, that worked really smooth! Felt almost like real linux. Used google store, though. The ultimate goal is of course to get rid of it too

Oh right... yeah really getting annoyed too by the all-google world. It's already possible to work well with a pure open-source android (aosp, lineaceos, /e/, etc) + fdroid, but it's so annoying that always only a couple of devices are supported..

Detailing & annotating with OpeningDesign, @FreeCAD, , , . Getting a really efficient and smooth workflow there...

Discovered koreader the other day, quite impressive too

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I heard about the unix version too but never knew if it was a rumor or not.. kind of agree too that autocad never really evolved anymore, say after v13 or 14 (ellipses, splines and acis modeling). I bet nobody at adsk dares to touch the autocad code anymore :) imagine the mess it must be with decades of paint layers on top of the old stuff

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Most businesses in architecture and construction, you surely mean. In manufacturing we have long stopped using that POS. Extremely happy to not have had to touch AutoCAD since 2007. It wasn't a day sooner. We still need to provide DXF files to suppliers, but most CAD programs can export to this format.

It mostly depends on what you call "autocad compatibility"... All of the above is 100% compatible with DXF format (and DWG too but needs an addon), which for me is more than enough. Or do you mean something else?

Doing 2D CAD (and annotating BIM views) in / @FreeCAD becoming increasingly fast, powerful and comfortable. More about this soon! Project with OpeningDesign

Ça marche bien le pinephone? Curieux... J'ai eu un firefox phone à l'époque, Faire une croix sur les applis android me semble faisable...


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We manage it all together (all the members on board), but I think I'm the only one on mastodon :)

Check my new comics site!! (You know becoming a comics artist is one of my life goals, right?) mindblur.thecomicseries.com

Hundreds of improvements over version 0.18, a new object link system, dozens of enhancements and new features in all workbenches. Fully compatible with 0.18 files, and much more. It took a while to get out, but it's there!

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Not dificult at all, all groups I know are super friendly to everybody, regardless of your level. That's one of the best things with , no expected result or anything, it's basically about having fun and drawing together. And if you draw often, you'll make progresses fast

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