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day! At the Banco de São Paulo, which is not a bank anymore, but the incredible spaces from 1935 are still there intact.

#FreeCAD Part four of the TechDraw Survey: Section and Detail views. Also a bit about clip groups.

Short development update! Been working on a new feature that allows you to highlight drafting objects and move / transform individual vertices or edges.

This is in contrast to , which doesn't know what a vertex is, and doesn't allow you to use a single profile to edit multiple objects. (In fact, the axis profile for a Revit wall is completely invisible!)

This is a step forward for .

I've written an article about how to parse files using and Python. It shows some code examples on how to access things like attribute data, IFC types, property sets, quantities, and geometry.

If you use and are an architect, or work in the architecture / engineering / construction industry, please promote the use of IFC as an open-data format!

steel construction masterclass by oddtopus, the brain behind the Flamingo workbench

Part two of the TechDraw survey. This time looking at dimensions, hatches, and symbols.

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