This was also because the movie was 30 minutes late because the projectionist couldn't get past the DRM check on the video file.

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The best part of Searching was it starting on a windows 95 desktop screen and the audience thinking the projector was actually just broken. But it was the movie.

It took me the entire day yesterday to remember who Skrillex was.

If I let my cat sleep in bed with us, he burrows under the blankets at 5am and begins attacking my legs.

I'm glad I took a break after finishing the first ending in Hollow Knight, because the path to the second one feels like a whole new game.

It’s often very good to abstain from content.

All I wanna do is bang bang pop pop and play Destiny

It dawns that the Seinfeld sketch where his assistant gets them both lost because he tells her not to inform him of every insignificant detail is the most accurate summation of being in a leadership position.

Deorbital is live again! Our fundraiser is still going but quarterly #1 is happening in October!

Submit pitches now! We pay! We want your good writing!

Deorbital is NOW OPEN FOR PITCHES for our Autumn quarterly!

Send pitches to for consideration!

Deorbital prioritizes writing from marginalized voices and diverse viewpoints. For more information, visit:

Damn, mom’s learned how to use the caps lock.

I sure like not having to watch uninspiring trailers for disappointing games.

Time to figure out how I’m gonna keep writing my column/finish a separate 2000 word piece, when my energy level doesn’t survive past 9am

I’m always confused when tourists stay on my train past 96th, sometimes riding all the way into the Bronx! Where are they going?

While playing No Man’s Sky I've been turning my favorite screenshots from the game into classic sci fi novel covers. I've made three so far: Ascendant Eden, The Satellite Sun, and The Scavenger of Eden.

Sufficiently old Google Street View images (2007-2012 or so) have this eerie, smudgy stillness to them that greatly informs how I think of these intersections of time and space. The past dissolves into JPEG artifacts and broken links.

call me old fashioned, but back in my day, "stream sniping" was when you started peeing into a urinal from behind somebody in a crowded bathroom.

Didn’t know they celebrated Eid al adha in the park across from my house. Which is likely because I never wake up early enough to notice.

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