Hi everyone! I'm new to Mastodon and still trying to wrap my head around the concept so here's a question: does one have to sign up for each instance or do you sign up once then join other instances?

@younesouhbi You can sign up at just one and still see people from other instances (hello from!

@younesouhbi hi and welcome! It's like email - you can sign up on one instance and talk to everyone else or you can make many accounts on many instances (if you want to write about different things for example)

@younesouhbi You only have to sign up to one instance, because instances are connected and you can interact with people from other instances (like me! Hi from!) already.

That being said, different, and especially smaller instances do offer a slightly different view into the fediverse, so if you want to discover more, or try what a different place feels like, making a second account somewhere else might be fun.

@younesouhbi hi! :blobpats:

you only need to be on one instance to be able to talk to people on other instances. but some people like to make accounts on different instances for different purposes (ie. ones just for art or ones for more personal or adult content.) hth!

You can follow people from other instances with your one account! They all connect!*

*Sometimes instances are full of jerks and various admins say "wow, that place is full of jerks", then make it tougher for their users to get hassled by that instance.

@younesouhbi being registered on one instance is essentially all you need to talk to people on any other instance. it's kind of like email services in that regard, if that makes any sense!

the difference you'd get out of registering for another instance is mostly having a different Local timeline (and, of course, different admins, possibly a different Code of Conduct), which you might look for as you hang around the instance you're already on & get a sense of what kind of neighbors you'd like to have. :)

@younesouhbi You just sign up once for everything and people on all the other servers that are linked to yours can talk to you - hello from! :)

@younesouhbi you sign-up, then follow people from any instance that the instance you picked is connected with.


Sign up once and you're set. You can search for and follow people on other instances.

People who share an instance have the option for the greatest privacy. They can opt to send messages that won't leave the instance. But that's sort of contrary to the typical purpose of posting. It might make sense for an organization that wants private discussions.

@younesouhbi Signing up on one instance is all you need. You can remote follow people using your handle. 😄

for example to follow me, just search: @sheogorath and you can visit my profile and follow me. Get all my toots and boots :)

Same works of course for your friends ;)

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