I love my cats but oh my god I just had to clean up the longest poo streak in history

Feeling slightly queasy, but that's fine and to be expected because I went to , then had some nice gingernuts and crisps.

Hey so I just managed to run the same analysis against the same database in two different programming languages and I got the same results. This is pleasing - not sure if a "phew" gif or "happy dance" gif is more appropriate so we're gifless.

some days I feel like getting jupyter notebook keyboard shortcuts tattooed onto my forearm might be a good plan

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Im still writing a blog post about ethics in software, and how that relates to Open Source Software and Free Software.

One thing I am stuck on is how Free Software's ethics implicitly relies on the assumption that "all users have the technical literacy to modify and run software". And I use literacy to truly mean a fundamental capability that should be taught to everyone, because Free Software assumes "the user" can "modify" said software in order to satisfy it's ethics.

I don't like this flaw

The two handsome boys on the left live here, and like us for the food we feed them. Squeep doesn't like strokes, but ET (tabby) does. The gentleman on the right in the bush... Well, he doesn't live in my house but he does seem to live in my garden. We're not sure if he has humans

I just raised an issue on an open source code repo, suggesting the contrast wasn't strong enough in a code syntax highlighting block.

Not sure if I'm getting older or blinder (probably the latter) but either way it makes me a little uncomfortable.


I am learning sooooooo much about R by debugging someone else's code the last few days. the way multi dimensional arrays work / (dataframes maybe?) makes my brain itch a little. It doesn't feel quite natural b/c I'm used to other languages, even though it does make sense

I realise now I'm awake that @neilhimself@twitter.com was not in fact in Worksop buying sandwiches for everyone who asked for one on Twitter. Mine was a bagel with hummus, and someone added blue jam to it which was a bizarre decision, but who turns down @neilhimself@twitter.com sammies? 馃槾

me: I'll set up a jekyll blog for my research notes. It'll be foolproof.
Jekyll: hahahahahahahaha PIPELINE FAILED AGAIN, sucker!

Another day of feeling like I didn't accomplish anything I wanted to at work. I did plenty of things - which I know because I started writing them down each time I did a little something to help someone.

Mild frustration.

Why do tissues come in separate sheets and toilet paper in a roll?

The plant-baby-making particles exist to make my immune system furious. 馃ぇ馃尲馃尫馃槶

This, this, this!!

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Building people up and never tearing them down is 100% the Twitter content I am here for. twitter.com/anne_theriault/sta

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My team is going to be running an interactive call for our GSoC students talking about coding good practice. Does anyone have any good example git repos showing a) a selection of nice granular commits with good commit messages and/or b) big messy commits?

Dear self esteem,

You're a bit of an ass sometimes.

Love, me.

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Every time I make a typo I just think "what the fuck are my hands doing I know English way better than this."

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Listening to him purr beside me is just the most soothing thing in the whole world.

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We don't normally see much of squeeper in the summer when it's warm (unless he's hungry), but it's raining again and don't tell anyone but I think he's gone soft

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