‪If it's wrong to discriminate against people for their colour or place of birth, is it also wrong to discriminate based on their political views?‬

‪Short answer: no.‬

‪Far more entertaining answer:

MASTODON BONUS CONTENT: I'm copying the few tweets I post these days to Masto but seriously do I have ANY followers here who might not automatically agree with this

@yoz I believe that part of why we're in this mess is a mistaken belief that any argument, however absurd, is worth considering if only for a moment.

Hitchens' Razor may very well prove to be a requirement for public discourse for democracy to continue.

@yoz depends on your political views, I suppose.

Most of them are alright, but there are some extreme ones..

@miwilc It sounds like we're entirely in agreement, then

@yoz It is important that these fuckwits get to be public about their opinions, if only so we can know what we have to discriminate against them for.
Also: Hello dearest :) xxx

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